Friday, May 04, 2007

DREAMING of a CLEAN scraproom! LOL!

Blog Challenge for ~ show your space! (I am showing it clean! Dont want to SCARE anyone away showing it messy!)

Well here is what my Scrappy room USED to look like!! This was about 2 years ago after Steve got it all finished for me and I had everything put away! NOW dont ask! it is all over!! there isnt a clean spot on that table , floor or kids desk!! Seeing this makes me want to clean! Especially for NSD when I want to be able to do some scrappen! Oh dont get me wrong I still scrap I just scrap in a MESS! :)
I have finally gotten some photos for my 5 X 7 frames I bought for this room~ they sit right up on that high shelf! HMMM maybe today I will put them in!
Even if the room isnt this clean~ it is MY PLACE! (and the kids when they can walk on the floor to get to their desk!) It is so much FUN and so PEACEFUL for me to just go in and create! Sometimes I dont even create I just go in and look at my stuff! LOL!!!
Have a GREAT day, and a WONDERFUL weekend! Thanks for stopping by! :)
(My LONG desk!) and (the kiddos desk!)


  1. wow..awesome room...I only wish to have a room like that

  2. Nice room! the overhead lights and the restful color scheme!


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