Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reno/Tahoe FUN!!!!

We are HOME! What a GREAT vaction we had!!
Reno was so HOT! and so fun for me and the kids!

Steve had to work! So he got us a room at the Grand Sierra Resort! what a PLACE! It had so much to do! Golf, go carts, bowling alley! (50 lanes) a movie theather a FABO pool outside!!!

and YES even a TV in our bathroom! (both hotels did!~! WHY I am not sure! :) ) Amanda informed us all she needs in her hotels now is a flat screen (also in our room- I think Steve loved that the most!) and a tv in the bathroom and she is set! WHAT is her daddy setting her poor husband up for in a LONG TIME of course! he is gonna spoil them good!!! :)

After Reno we were off to Tahoe for a few days! it was BEAUTIFUL there! I told Steve I could move there if it wasnt for the threat of FIRE every summer and the DEEP snow of winter! :)

We did so much fun stuff!!! We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountian, and back down, went to the beach~ rented a jet ski, and we also rented paddle boats both days at the beach!! We didnt sit at this cute little bar I took a photo of ~ BUT I did get a rum runner at the place right behind it (where the family photo is taken!)

We ate WAY to much! Had to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, and Cabo Wabo cantina~ NO Sammy Hagar darn it!!!

We did win some $$ YEAH! BUT of course gave most of it back! LOL!!

Now I have to work on the PILE of laundry! and come back to reality! DARN IT!!!!

Hope your all having a GREAT summer!!!! Enjoy the photos and THANKS for stopping by!!

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