Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Felt Notecard Holders!

Ok here is what my sweet Amanda and I have made today!
Felt notecard holders!! I am making mine for a friend, hers if for her brother! (AHHH!!) I am going to make notecards for mine, and I am going to buzz REAL QUICK to the dollar store and get pens to make a matching one ~ these I will share later!

But for now here is how we made these little cuties! (easy as pie! and kid friendly too!!)

#1- Measure your felt to the size you want the holder to be!

#2-Fold pocket to size you need!

#3 Stictch sides with machine or by hand!
(Amanda's first time sewing! With my help!)

#4 Embellish anyway you like!!
We used primas, buttons, Love Elsie ribbon, and bling! and I stamped the name and outlined it!

#5 Add notecards! (which I will do soon!)

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