Friday, August 31, 2007

The BEST $10 I ever spent!!!!

I just love the farmers markets we have around here! Love all the fresh fruits and veggies... but my favorite things to get are the FLOWERS! Hello this BIG BEAUTIFUL bouquet was $10! It seriously is huge... takes up well over 1/3 of our table! :)

So it is the last weekend of summer! We are going to hang around here, do some shopping tomorrow, for tile (the kitchen has been done for a year!) and FURNITURE for the living room! I figure if I type this out I will have to get it! Steve gave me a blank check when we moved in 5 years ago to find what I want... the hunt still continues! I have a VISION! BUT I am tired of waiting for that VISION ..... so I am gonna SERIOUSLY hunt tomorrow, and maybe adjust that vision! Wish us luck! You probably should wish Steve the luck... he has to deal with a VISION crazy wife! :)

OH we found out the kiddos teachers! Amanda has Ms. Gradl~ who I really wanted for her! and Justin has a new teacher Mrs. Curfman... she seems very nice!
On a sad note, neither one got there very best friend in their class, BUT they do have other friends they know in the class so that always makes it easy for a new adventure, and they will I am sure make even MORE friends as they get to know other kids!! and their friends are only a class room away, they always have RECESS!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT long weekend!! full of SUN and FUN!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

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