Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rock Star Birthday Party and Tulip Feilds!

Here are some birthday party photos!! :)

Well the party was a success and such a BEAUTIFUL day! Perfect Party and BBQ weather!!!! Amanda had a GREAT time!! We did make up and hair! Got some fun new toys! :) Had cake! (which we ran out of! OH NO!!! Note to self make 2 stars next time! LOL!!) I of course took LOTS of photos!!!!
She loved her Hannah Dress Tutu made her! I got that COOL Hannah door thing from my friend Julies online store so we had to have a few photos to make it look like Hannah was here, and trust me everytime you catch it out of the corner of your eye you think someone is at the door! LOL!!
The cake was made by me this year! Choc, toffee, and caramel! YUMMY!! I love the photo of Amanda sneaking some of it! :) It was her birthday otherwise she would have been in BIG trouble! LOL!!! Thanks to all for helping make her party so FUN!!

Tulip Festival Photos!

I cant believe one week ago we had SNOW on saturday! Sunday we went to the tulips, not much snow left, it ended up being a pretty nice day! I wanted to try and get some DIFFERENT photos then I usually get, so I got some different landscape photos, but of course I had to get the kiddos photos like always! :) We went to the street festival after the fields, didnt get much, I did get some yummy black berry bread that I MUST find the recipe for!! :) Out to dinner then home!! This is one of my FAVORITE parts of spring here... and so CRAZY snow was still around! :)

Think that is about all I have got to share, I plan on doing some scrappen this week, I need to get Thank You cards, done and I feel sooooo SCRAPPY! Wish me luck I find some time for that! :)
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  1. Oh my beth -- what a perfect party for an 8 year old - looks fantastic --and I love the tulip pictures -- just beautiful!

  2. What great photos Beth!!! Looks like the party was a success, you must share the cake recipe! And the tulips are so pretty, i'm so sad I missed them around here this year. Thanks for sharing your great pics!!

  3. The tulip photos are amazing! What a beautiful sight! It's so hot here that all my spring flowers have already died. Happy Birthdy to Amanda!

  4. gorgeous photos! And, yeah, I would've been sneakins some of that cake too. yummy. :)


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