Monday, December 14, 2009

Tags... to share!

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend! We sure did.. saturday took Justin out xmas shopping to finish his list! We did ~ YEAH! I think I am offically DONE now.. just waiting for stuff to arrive I ordered online! YEAH! and yesterday we had our friends over for our xmas exchange.. it snowed a bit.. so the kids were happy.. I hope it is done now til xmas day.. :) Well xmas day at 6pm.. so my mom can make it home safe after dinner... that isnt to much to ask is it! LOL!! :)

Ok on with my share... I have been making tags.. I like to make them for some of the packages.. I am THINKING maybe all next year.. we are about out.. and thought.... hmmm I have so many supplies why not.. I dont think Steve believes me!!! :) But hey I gotta a year now right! LOL!!!

Here are 2 I made up.. not even sure how I got this photo but I love you can see the sparkle! :) Even the SPICA pen showed up on these! LOL!! (but not below..go figure!)

They are my friday challenge at MOJO.. if you want to come play along we would LOVE to have you! :)

This next one is for my sweet girl.. she LOVES Hannah.. I found some wrap last year.. and the tags.. so I put them away for this year! Whipped her up this tag.. need to make a couple more for her! :) You cant see it BUT IRL.. I added my spica pen around the center Circle.. it adds a little sparkle.. hard to capture on film.. darn it! :)

That is under the tree now.. I wonder how long it will take her to find it.. and the best part.. she will LOVE the tag as much as the gift.. she LOVES creative goodies!!! :)

Hope your having a GREAT day... and wonderful HOLIDAY TIME!!!
I am off to make more tags, gift card holders, and Xmas cards.. I THINK I have my idea!! :)
Happy Holidays!! THANKS for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE these Bethie! Love all the "bling"! My Ali ADORES anything Hannah Montana! I bought her a HM calendar and a HM hairbrush shaped like a guitar for Christmas :)

  2. LOVE these tags with all the bling! :) Fun fun!

  3. Beautiful tags, Beth!! I love all the sparkle. And that Hannah tag is just the cutest!!!!

  4. fabulous tags! the glitter is so pretty against the red.

  5. Those are the cutest tags! I love all the sparkle!

  6. Those are gorgeous! Who doesn't love bling? Cute hanna get up. And you are such a NUT! You make me laugh!

  7. Love those tags. Great job.

  8. I checked out the thread... there is some really cute creating going on! I've got to keep this project in mind. I make my tags for the next Christmas right after Christmas is over... it's a great way to use up the leftover Christmas paper :o)

  9. Cute tags! I wanted to make some this year too but still haven't gotten around to it yet!

  10. Your tags look great.


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