Thursday, July 02, 2009


First off.. THANKS for all the sweet words about the 1/2 Marathon... I have to say I didnt RUN!!... I did WALK.. I dont think I put that.. didnt want to lead you all on that way! LOL!!
Ok Now....
Happy JULY!! My gosh where did June go?? We are getting ready for some 4th FUN!! It was my turn to post a challenge for our PTI blogging group!!!

I have been so busy getting ready for our get away... so I thought I would make my share tonite ALSO my challenge!!! :)

So here ya go girls!! Not to hard! (and Katy) I am soooo gonna get to yours when I get back! PROMISE!! I got an idea just the other day!! :) )

You can create ANYTHING you want but should follow these 3 things (if you are able!)
#1 Use a color you dont usually use (for me it is the purple)
#2 Add some inking (inked my edges)
#3 Give it AWAY! (if you can! this is going to our neighbors!)

Here is what I did.. super easy.. but I had to get them done, and... I didnt want to be the slacker in the group with a late challenge!!!

The kiddos and I made this honey butter today.. I am not sure you can taste any lavender in it.. BUT that is what they told me it was infused with and it is on the jar.. so it has to be right! LOL!! :)

There ya have it! THANKS for stopping by!! I hope you have a HAPPY & SAFE 4th....
Will be back soon with NEW BEACH PHOTOS! YEAH!!!

**CS, Ink, Stamps (Life) and Ribbon.. all from PTI**


  1. That is just adorable. Have a great time.

  2. This is fab! LOVE it! I just made the perfect card for this last night.

  3. So awesome! Love it!

  4. What a cute idea. Lovely used of the set. I am out of town, will get to the challenge on my return!

  5. This is so pretty! What a great challenge and good idea to make something to give away! I'll get working on it soon hopefully! Happy 4th!

  6. YUM! Honey Butter! Your neighbors are going to love that gift!

  7. Beautiful job, Beth!! I just loooove the purple!

    Hope you're having a great vacation, can't wait to see your photos!!

  8. OH yum! that's look just totally scrumptious chickie! lovin the purple, too!
    ok...ya gonna share the recipe with us! would love to try it


  9. OH YUM!!! Did I ever mention that I LOVE baking powder biscuits with honey :)


  10. Love how these came out, so pretty! And looks super yummy too:)

  11. Oh this is soooo beautiful!!!


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