Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Share.. and Field Day!

Happy SUNNY Wednesday~ LOVING our weather this week.. Sunny and not to hot! (Like last week! EEK not that I am complaining.. ok maybe a little 90 is to warm for me in June! LOL!!) this week in the 70s.. just perfect! :)

Ok on with some fun.. NOW this isnt one of my best cards.. and it wasnt meant to be! My Amanda saw her friend get a lunch bag note.. and asked why I didnt do them.. I dont know.. my mom sent them to me.. (I WISH I had saved them.. sigh.. ) ANYWAY.. she loved the CUTE little fairies I got last week... From All that scraps so I printed her out one.. I bought the stamps in DIGI form.. LOVE that.. they take up no space in my room and I can resize them anyway I want! :) anyway.. printed her.. used my COPICS! (LOVING them!!) and colored her in! I WISH you could see all the sparkle! I used my copic Spica pens (never knew they were copics til a couple weeks ago! LOL!) ANYWAY.. she just glitters.. I mounted her on Rasp. Fizz CS, inked with lemon tart ink ~ use a RF ribbon, and LT button (all from PTI) put her on a small white note card I cut and snuck her in Amandas lunch.. I hope she likes it!! :)

I am still learning how to use my Copics (so NO!! laughing at my color job! lol..oh I said no laughing.. :) ).. I found a GREAT Blog HERE lots of GREAT info... I need to sit for about a week and look at all that is shared... I want to get REALLY good with them!! :)

Now a fast share of the kiddos! THANKS if you have made it this far! Yesterday was field day at the school.. it is a fun day the 6th graders run for the other classes.. Justins group did the rope climb... He was in charge of timing and writing down the times of the kids!

Amanda wanted to do his station first.. so she did...

She wanted to ring that bell at the top... and SHE DID! :) I could NOT have made it!

She did get a couple blisters.. eek! I guess they found gloves to help with that... it was not pretty! She is still proud!

FUNNY STORY... I was showing them photos today.. and Justin said when he saw the one of her ringing the bell... Amanda welcome to the blog.. you made the post today! HA HA!! oh that made me LOL!!!

Ok THANKS for stopping by.. I am off to CLEAN my scrappy/crafty space... then today is the pizza party for Raven Racers.. I earned it in both their classes!
Have a GREAT day!!!


  1. Your coloring looks awesome!!! And look at your little girl tell her I am so impressed!

  2. I love the look of your colored image! Did Amanda like her note?
    Great photos as always! Is school out yet?

  3. Looks like they had a blast.

  4. Lunchbox cards are a great idea. And glad the kids had fun at field days.

  5. Such a cute little fairy, you did a great job coloring. I bet Amanda loved it!!! And good for her getting to the top of that rope! I would have fallen on my head!!!

    Hope you have a great Friday!

  6. Bethie,

    LOVED the lunch box note. Mine were never as cute or crafty as yours :)
    You have awesome the talent and creativity!
    CONGRATULATIONS Amanda, our little bell ringer! She has that killer competitive edge - I will have to get her out on the bike SOON!!
    Justin looks right at home with recording facts and figures - SUPER math man :)
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  7. Your coloring looks great! What a cute card. Congratulations Amanda for ringing that bell! Way to Go!

  8. Your card is so super sweet! Your coloring looks really good too:) I am so wanting to get on the Copic wagon, but OUCH on the price! :)

  9. Super cute card and look at Amanda go!

  10. what a darin lil card ~ your coloring is awesome chickie!


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