Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Photos!!

Happy Tuesday!! I have sooo much I need to be creating and yet here I sit! :) I decided to upload some birthday party photos.. thought I would share a few.. cant wait to scrap them.. but must wait til all my other stuff is done.. which should be the middle of May!

Here we go! Here is the birthday girl!! My mom made her dress (THANKS TUTU!) and she made a matching dress for Marie (THANKS TUTU!) and Amanda just loves her mini American Girl Dolls too.. so they are in alot of photos now too! LOL!!

Matching hair-do's! We got Maries done at the AG store when we were in Cali.. Amanda wanted hers to match for the party! :)

Justin and Amanda

The Cake.. so her theme was Littlest Pet Shop.. I googled online a doggy cake and found this and Amanda LOVED it.. so here is our take on it! Steve decorated the face! I was NOT ready for the party! LOL!! So it was a team effort.. me baking and frosting, Steve face duty! :)

Our family.. and the cake! ;)

Birthday girl and the cake! :)

Still with me?? I have 2 left to share! For a craft I had the girls decorate a straw hat for their littlest pet shop.. then the did a little fashion show and showed them off! :) Here is Amandas..

And last but not least! She got from Tutu a NEW American Girl Doll ~ Chrissa and Tutu also made HER a matching birthday dress! (still need a photo of all 3 of them in them! :) )

PHEW.. there we go.. a few photos from the FUN day!! I cant wait to scrap them..
Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day.. off to make some dinner... Will be back tomorrow or Thur. to share some of what I am working on this week!!


  1. Beautiful dresses and it sure looks like the birthday girl had a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, what a lovely grandmother she has to make all those dresses! And what a nice party her mom threw for her! (that's you mom). Beautiful smile, obviously a happy birthday girl.

  3. Beth,

    Sounds like a great day. Sorry we had to miss it. I hope all is well and that you get some scrapping time in.


  4. What a fun day to remember!!!

  5. Those dresses are so fun and what an adorable cake! Love that your dh decorated the face! That's so cute!

  6. So cute Beth! I love how their dresses match!! And that cake is seriously the cutest. Good job to you and Steve! Sounds like the party was a great success!!!

    Hope you're having a good week!

  7. What a beautiful family you have. Grandma did a fabulous job on the dresses. Looks like everyone had a nice time. Great job on the cake too!

  8. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful birthday photos! It brings back memories of my daughter with her matching doll dresses... of course her's was a cabbage patch, not an American Girl (which was after her time)... Happy Birthday Amamnda!


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