Friday, November 14, 2008


and if your me HAPPY CK CONVENTION DAY!! WAHOOOO! I am so excited about going!!! I cant even begin to tell ya!!! So if your out and about at the CK convention too, come find me and say HI!! hee hee! I will be the one with the BIG SMILE on my face... and probably WAY TO MANY BAGS in my hand! HA HA!! (shhh dont tell Steve that part!!)

So I got in lots of scrappy time this week!!! I just gave it to ME!!!! I am gonna share them with ya! and then I MUST wake the kiddos to get them on their way to school so MOM can get on HER way too!!!!

first up! Halloween!!! Hmmm I wanted to fit lots on this one.. so not alot of embellies! But alot of photos, AND I still have more photos to scrap from the BIG night!!! Yeah I take lots of photos.. it is my right as a mom and scrapper RIGHT! :)
Ok Happy Halloween!

here are some fun ones with Amanda getting her wig! I hid in our downstairs bathroom, and made her come stand by the door then I came out wearing it!! hee hee! She was soooo EXCITED!!!! then of course we all had to TRY it on and have some fun!!!!

and finally I leave you with this... some of the photos from our FUN trip at the pumpkin patch!!!! I used my NEW distressed stickles on this one around the large photo, you cant tell in the scan but you can In Real Life!! :) So come on over and see that! HA HA!!!!

and now I must say good bye! I am off to wake the kiddos and get them to school!!
Have a GREAT day and a FANTASTIC weekend!!
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  1. Bethie,

    Just love all the layouts, so adorable!!! I hope you had a good time at the CK Convention!! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Hope you had a great time at CK! Love your latest stuff! very fun!

  3. Beth, the layouts are fantastic!! LOVE that one with the wig, tell Steve he looks fabulous!!

    Hope you have FUN at the CK Convention! I can't wait to hear all about it. :-)

  4. Okay chica.. Let's see CK pics!!!

  5. You guys are soo COOL...rock stars! Love the layouts and glad you had a great time at the convention!!


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