Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Yeah 2 posts in 2 days! I am getting better as I type! HA HA!!
Ok so I have 20 minutes until I go BACK to the school for my second round of Raven Racers... Now I should be cleaning more since it is my month for BUNCO on friday! (YEAH super duper EXCITED!) but I am here instead! HA HA! :)

So first things first ONE MONTH ago, my sweet friend Mara (I LOVE her blog!) gave me THIS!

THANKS Mara.... and I was SUPPOSED to do this... when I got it.. well I am a bit behind in life so I am doing it NOW!
Here is what I do-
1. Pick 7 of your favorite blogs (that's hard there are tons!)
2. Winners can put the logo on their blog.
3. Link the person who gave your award to your blog.
4. Name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
5. Leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!

Mara picked some of my top 7, like Joni, Mel and Zoa so while those girls KNOW I LOVE them, and their blogs.. I am gonna pass on love to 7 more, and TRUST me I could pass it on to 700 MORE! (but dont tell Steve he may think I am online wayyy to much! LOL!)
Ok on with the show!
#1- Kimmie my SWEET and so FUN Sister In Law... Mom to my sweetie pie niece, married to my MUCH OLDER brother! Ok I am lying but you cant blame a girl for trying! HE is only a little older! OK OK! I am older! LOL!! I wont admit it! :) back to Kimmie :) She is one TALENTED CREATIVE girl and I LOVE her work! Digital, Paper, Altered, have you seen my WITCH! (oh I LOVE that!)
#2-Emelyn This is my sweet friend Emelyn! Her work is AMAZING.. so is her FAMILY! I was lucky enough to meet them in Seattle a couple years ago, I owe them lunch!! and I need to meet her sweet Joey.. he wasnt yet here in person when we met!!!
#3-Jennifer and Amy These are 2 other friends I FOUND online! :) they have such a GREAT friendship, I love to read when they are able to get together, makes you feel like your there with them! They both help run with Jan this FUN site
#4-Becky Higgins I just LOVE her style, ever since I first started scrappen! and she has some YUMMY recipes to share too! :)
#5-Jennifer McGuire
Again I LOVE her style, from the moment I saw her!! She is always showing us FUN ideas and helping me SPEND money! Like I NEED any help!!
#6-Got Sketch Oh I LOVE Valeries Sketches, took both her sketch classes, couldnt even PLAY but wanted the sketches! LOL!!
#7-The Pioneer Women Cooks I LOVE this NON SCRAPPEN site! Everything I have made has been WONDERFUL! her blog posts make me LOL!!! and she takes AMAZING photos! :)

there ya have it a few of my 7 favorite blogs! :) Now I did get some scrappen done! I HOPED for more but you know how that goes, time RUNS faster then me! LOL!!
Here they are!

This is Amanda playing in her leaves! LOL! she is so funny! The bag is in our garage... since we dont have many trees she rakes them and SAFES them! LOL!!
The stitched title was for a challenge at Moments-2-Remember it was to hand stitch it! I stitched the word leaves! I like how it turned out.. it took only about 30 minutes.. I will try it again!!
Then there was this one! The kiddos at the wedding we went to last month! I BELIEVE my mom got the photos... I was busy off somewhere! She had my camera with Kimmie and the kids! Thought they were super cute! So I whipped up a 1 pager! I am ALLOWING myself to do those now! I used to think everyone had to be 2 pages.. well all that thinking has done is got me 10 years BEHIND! So I am trying to just scrap and not WORRY! :) Easier said then done!! LOL!

Ok I am off to get the kiddos... Yeah I had to take a break to run then have lunch NOW I am finished with the blog post just in time for school to be out!!

I will be back monday with HOPEFULLY some fun layouts to share I want to TRY to scrap at the M2R Fall Crop saturday! Come on over if you have time~ it is a SUPER fun place!! Tell them I sent ya! LOL!!
Sunday we are off to the pumpkin patch gonna Meet Larry, Kimmie, and Buggy! YEAH!!
THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT rest of the week!


  1. THANK YOU BETHIE!! I am truely honored to be on your Top 7 Favorite blogs!!! You are to good to me!!! I know I have said this before but Thank You for being my biggest inspiration!! I love the layouts! The little story about Amanda and the Leaves is so stinkin' cute!!! You will have to tell her that I was like her when I was little I loved to rake leaves and jump and play in them as well! OK, off to get ready for work. Thanks again sweetie!! See you Sunday! Can't wait!

  2. THANK YOU, girl!! You totally rock and I am sooo honored to be a part of that amazing list! And I can't wait for you to mosey down here. Forget owing me lunch, just cook up some of that goodness you keep blogging about...YUM!! I miss ya, girl!

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Awesome, Awesome layouts!! You should email the Basic Grey Challenges blog admin. Her name is Martine. She is always looking for guest designers. I think she has a card person lined up for next month so maybe a scrappy person would be right up her alley. Think about it! The email link is on the right side toward the top of the blog page.

  4. I sure love that layout...the one with the kids...the bottom one. So pretty! :)

  5. I can't believe I am not on your list! What an insult!!! LOLOLOLOL ok I am done acting mad! (can you see my smile?) Love the pages- when can I see your Prima inspired?? Hope you have fun at Bunco tomorrow night!! Happy Weekend!!


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