Saturday, June 14, 2008

One SUCCESSFUL party! :)

We had so much FUN!!!! Thought I would share some photos!!

We had a really fun time today!! The sun came out~ the food was good, she loved her gifts... and Kimmie cleaned my kitchen! (THANK YOU!) it was a PERFECT day!!!

I realized I didnt scan the LO I made for my mom but if you look close in the photo you can see it~ the photos were from when she was about 6 months old! To cute! She liked the cake I made her.. here that is... I didnt want to share it before, in case she was peeking here and saw it!!!!

I got the idea from the Basic Grey Newsletter!!! Now I want one! LOL!!!

Well it is 7:30pm I am TIRED... having a party wears a girl out! Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great photos Beth... That's your mom? She looks so young. Not near 60! I'm so glad to hear you had a great time!

  2. I am so glad the party went well! everything looks GREAT! (and you look so pretty & relaxed! you would never know how much running around you did!) congrats on pulling it off!!!!

  3. okay, your Mom sooo DOES NOT look like she is 60!! She is gorgeous!! Sounds like a great party, did you save me some cake? ;)

  4. I love that cake!!! Very pretty.

  5. woooohoooo Beth!!! Love a successful party!! Your preparations and everything look wonderful and I love seeing your family photos.

  6. WOW beth awesome pics!your mom is too BEAUTIFUL i see where you got your beauty from!!tfs look like you had a blast too.


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