Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo FUN!

A little photo fun!! I just LOVE this photo of the kids! Yep same as below in the frame! BUT I had some fun with it back over at picnik this cute holly was FREE! Hello I LOVE free! Since I am still WORKING on learning my PSE 4 I got 2 years ago! :) I figure this was the next best thing to play with! :) Goal for 08 LEARN PSE! There now I can go on!! :)

Can you BELIEVE that tomorrow is DEC! I cant !!! but I am so EXCITED for it! I LOVE the Holidays!! All the FUN things we do!! The kids are so darn EXCITED for it all too!! I hope they always are this way!! and let me take them to get a SANTA photo with the family!!! Can you see my Justin 21 waiting for our photo! Really I am not worried about him... it is that cute spitfire girl... she will probably complain from 15 on~ LOL~ I will have to pay her off!!! :) That is all next week! (the santa photo, not her being 15, but I am sure it will seem that way when she gets there! SIGH!)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! THANKS for stopping by!! Time to get them moving for school!!!
Happy Friday!!!

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