Thursday, October 18, 2007

FINALLY almost 5 years later.......

WE got our LIVING room furniture!!!

Yes it took me this long to just find the right thing! :)

Our tables aren't here yet but the couch and 2 chairs are!

Plus I got a CUTE bookshelf from Longaberger! Those are my 2 new bargin photos I got at Michaels! (60% off!) and a photo stand I am gonna put a LO on! :)
So it arrived last night about 9pm! The kids were so EXCITED! They just wanted to sleep on it! UM no! :) This morning they did wake up FAST, and rush down to get cozy and read a bit before school! Justin has staked out HIS chair, and Amanda well she took the WHOLE couch! :)

Funny story! Last night the delivery guys called for directions, Steve gave them to them.. hung up the phone about 1 minute later it rings again, I answer to someone SINGING ~ I was like HELLO who is this.... singing... I hand the phone to Steve and say here I dont know who it is ~ someone is singing..... well they hung up, the later the delivery guys called back for directions and he had to CONFESS, and say he was sorry ~ it was him~ the THOUGHT he dialed his girlfriends phone number but had hit ours instead!!! LOL!! :)

I then told Steve how sweet that was and that he could call and sing to me ANYTIME! DONT think it will happen! :)
Just wanted to share some photos! Now I need to get to the laundry and cleaning! BUNCO at my house tomorrow!!!
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  1. LOVE them Beth!!! They look soooo soft and comfy! How awesome that you finally got to fill up your room, yeah for that!!

  2. too cute beth enjoy it


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